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Easy Rider Crash-Tested Car Harness by Coastal Pet Products


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These dog harnesses are CRASH-TESTED car harnesses

Easy Rider Crash-Tested Car Harness

Xtra Dog Harnesses

Many of us travel with our dogs, we wear seatbelts and are safe but are our dogs? Did you know that many car harnesses sold in the UK are either not crash-tested or worse failed testing. Here at Xtra Dog we care about the safety of your dog and have sourced a car harness from the USA that not only is crash-tested by passed test run at Kettering University in Kettering, Michigan.

Currently there does not exist a protocol for dog harness crash testing so they used a test developed for children's car seats.Testing was relative to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213, Child Restraint Systems, Pulse requirements, using National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Test Procedure TP 213-09 Coastal continues to innovate and test car harnesses at Kettering University Crash Safety Centre in Flint, Michigan to ensure maximum safety for pets and people. The Easy Rider® car harness was tested on 35Kg weighted stuffed dogs. It is easy to use, no external tether Sized XS-XL.

Travel safely with an Easy Rider crash-tested car harness.

The Easy Rider Multifunction Dog Harness limits a dogs mobility while traveling in a car, preventing distractions while driving. With a front connection point, it can also be used as a walking harness, ideal if your dog needs toileting at a rest stop. Available in five sizes.

• Easy to Put on Your Dog

• Can be used as a walking harness

• Padded for comfort and Protection

• No External tether, uses the car's seatbelt


Size Girth Measurement
XS            12-18inches (31-45cm)
Small      16-24inches (41-60cm)
Medium  20-30inches (51-76cm)
Large      24-38inches (61-96cm)
XL            26-43inches (66-109cm)

What Crash Test Protocol was used?
USA (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213), Child Restraint Systems, Pulse requirements, using National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Test Procedure TP 213-09. 

Why Buy Crash-Tested?

In the USA the first crash-tested car harnesses were developed over 20 years ago by former Rolling Stones Roadie, Carl Goldberg. Sadly most car harnesses sold in the UK and worldwide are either not crash-tested or have FAILED crash-testing. even those from big box companies or endorsed by major motoring organisations who make great safety claims in the event of an accident would not be fit for the purpose. A couple of years ago a Canadian TV station did an exposé about this and crash-tested 4 well-know car harnesses, they all both blew apart on TV. Worrying!

Whilst the law (in the UK) states that a dog must be restrained in a car there is no specification as to what that restraint should be. Any harness can be used, any crate can be used. Would we put a child (human) in a child’s seat that was not crash-tested? Of course not, but we can and do with our dog.

Some equipment that is commonly used is a tether that goes between the dog’s regular harness and the shoe of the car’s seatbelt. This presents safety problems…

1. The tether is unlikely to have had any crash-testing and it can be made quite long so that in an accident the dog can become a projectile.
2. The metal trigger-clips are often not crash-tested to withstand impact.
3. The clip that goes into the shoe of the seatbelt, may look like the same as what is on the seatbelt but it will not have been made to the same specifications of the manufacturer of the car, it may look the same as the one in the car, but it may be a mm smaller than the one manufactured by the car company but in terms of an accident it could likely pop out making the dog into a projectile.
4. General dog harnesses are not built, to withstand impact of an accident and are likely to break and the dog would become a projectile.

We expect to buckle up in the car and we insist that children are buckled up in a car seat that has kite marks and is crash-tested yet we are willing to restrain our dogs in cheaply produced equipment made in the far East that has no crash-testing and would not protect the dog in an accident. At Xtra Dog we value dog life, but let’s pretend we don’t yet we buckle our dog up in equipment that is substandard we tend to forget that in an accident a dog can become a projectile and kill the driver and passengers in a car, image a 30kg Labrador or a 45kg Rottweiler flying through the car in an accident because the tether we chose broke.

Sadly to date there is no protocol for crash-testing car harnesses and the reputable manufacturers mainly American or Australian are using protocols for child safety seats but instead of using crash-test dummies they are using weighted stuffed dogs.

The Easy Rider car harness, sold by Xtra Dog was independently crash-tested at Kettering University in Michigan using a test created to test child’s safety seats, (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213), Child Restraint Systems, Pulse requirements, using National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Test Procedure TP 213-09.

We spoke to impact injury expert Dr Hélène Svinos and she had these comments

“In the event of a collision any unsecured object will continue to travel forward at speed until something prevents its path. Your dog lying unsecured on the back seat will be projected forward at the speed that your moving vehicle takes to reach zero, your dog will hit the back of your seat at a force far exceeding their actual weight quite possibly leading to their death or severe impact injuries or they may miss your seat but hit your head causing your head to move forward far faster than nature intended causing severe neck or head injuries to yourself either from them actually colliding with you or your head then impacting on the window for example and also likely death or serious injury to them.
You like to let your dog stick his head out of the window? In that same crash your precious pooch now flies through the air at speed until gravity causes the dog to hit the ground or he impacts on another vehicle that drives into him if the dog isn’t dead he will be seriously injured.

“So your dog is in an unsecured crate? In a crash the structure of a vehicle changes as it absorbs the impact of the collision therefore the crate that was wedged in place now is not and it also starts to move with the rate of deceleration and its impact on someone else in the car can cause some devastating injuries such as severe head injuries, amputated fingers are just two examples and not forgetting the injuries to the poor dog inside it as he gets flung around and pounded against the wire.

“So you have your dogs in a soft crate that is secured? As the impact causes the structure of the car to change the soft crate that you have tied down in the boot now becomes crushed between your car and the car that has driven into your rear end, the soft crate is unable to prevent the forces upon it and your dog trapped inside is crushed by the oncoming car.
These scenarios could be prevented by securing your dog in an appropriate harness or a secured crate that is designed to withstand the impact of a crash, otherwise you and your best friend may suffer the physical and emotional consequences of what happens when you don’t.”

Read our endorsements...

It Saved Our Lives

"I purchased this harness (medium) for my 30lb hound dog because she loves to ride in the truck, but the ride was too rickety for her to be comfortable. I also liked the fact that she couldn't leap out of the truck when I opened the door. Recently, we had a reason to never travel without it again. I was driving down a twisty two lane road when a driver coming in the opposite direction was distracted momentarily and swerved into my lane. I swerved to miss them but my truck lost control and we rolled over into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. My dog was securely fastened in her harness and I remember her flailing around, but securely attached! The truck landed on the driver's side door and she was dangling over my head. Had we not had her secured with the harness, she could have flown around or out of the truck and severely injured one or both of us. I will promote this product to everyone I meet with a dog, it saved our lives!!"

 M. Hoverson 

Saved our Dog

"We had our miniature German Schnauzer 12 1/2 lb in her Easy Rider Car Harness, and we slammed into a tree that had fallen across the road, this at 4;00 AM and it was dark, The car was totaled, we weren't injured, and our little dog, Ellen, came through just fine. So, keep up the good work.

Gene Harms, Silverthorne, Colorado

Saved my pup in an accident

"A lady pulled across five lanes of traffic and hit my car sending my car over a sidewalk into a field. The harness kept Oliver (a german shorthaired pointer) safely in place through the whole thing. Thank you so much for this product!!"

Kathy Richards, East Goscote, Leicestershire

Great Harness for my Aussie

"I have a 63lb Australian Shepherd and size Large fits him perfectly. It has saved him from tumbling into the front seat a couple times since I got it. Once when I had to slam my brakes on to avoid hitting a deer and another time when a drunk guy walked out in front of my car in town. Very comfortable for him, many I tried before fit him weird under the arms and Easy Rider fits him just perfect."

Amanda B, Totnes, Devon


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