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Xtra Dog Liberty Leash Pro

MULTIPLE CLIPS FOR MULTI-USE: The Liberty Leash Pro is an adjustable (in length) lead, made with 2 scissor clips and a sliding fleece lined handle to allowing for 2 points of connection to an Xtra Dog Walking harnesses. It can also be used as a short lead or a long lead.
FOR PULLING DOGS: Trainers and Tellington TTouch practitioner realise the value of a double ended lead with a sliding handle to help the dog walk in their natural balance use the Xtra Dog Liberty Leash Pro with a two-point harness or with a harness and collar.
QUALITY MANUFACTURING: Hand-made in the UK using top quality fleece, soft webbing and a sliding handle.
4 CHOICES OF COLOUR: Available in a black, red, purple and blue.
WHY XTRA DOG? Xtra Dog have been making hand-made quality dog equipment for more than 10 years in the UK. Use your Liberty Leash Pro with your Xtra Dog Harness
ADJUSTABLE: 93cm -175cm so it can be used with different sized dogs and owners so that it is easy to walk your dog comfortably alongside you.


Traditional 2-point leading required the handler to use two hands but with the Liberty Leash Pro you have the advantage of the sliding handle so that it can be used with one hand. This is also a great advantage to wheelchair users who want their dogs on 2-points of contact. This lead can have incredible effects changing the behaviour of a dog that pulls on the lead when combined with an Xtra Dog 2-point harness. The handler can use this equipment and help the dog to move whilst they maintain their own centre of balance.

Ideally the handler wants to be walking in the peripheral vision of the dog and if the dog should pull, meet the pressure of the pull, step forward returning to the dog's peripheral vision and bring the hand forward. Human instinct is to bring the hand back to resist the pull and this will simple put the dog into their natural opposition reflect (I pull, you pull).

USEFUL TIP - This lead is ideal for any scenting dog that likes to have their nose on the ground as they can establish their own centre of gravity without being forcing to bring their head up off of the ground.

Harnessing your Dogs Potential

For more information about how to use this lead and a 2-point harness, please read Harnessing Your Dog's Perfection by Robyn Hood and Mandy Pretty, click here to order your copy.