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2 Hound Design Liberty Leash

MULTIPLE CLIPS FOR MULTI-USE: The Two Hound Design Liberty Leash is made with 2 trigger clips and a sliding handle to allowing for 2 points of connection to Xtra Dog Walking harnesses. It can also be used as a short lead or a long lead.
FOR PULLING DOGS: Trainers and Tellington TTouch practitioner realise the value of a double ended lead with a sliding handle to help the dog walk in their natural balance use the 2 hounds design Liberty Leash leash with a two-point harness or with a harness and collar.
QUALITY MANUFACTURING: Hand-made in the USA using top quality webbing and a sliding handle.
2-WIDTHS: Available in a wide gauge with two large scissor snaps and in a narrow gauge with 2 small snaps.
Why 2 Hound Designs?: 2 Hound Design have been making hand-made quality dog equipment for many years in the USA. Match the colour of your Liberty Leash with your Xtra Dog Harness


Based on principles developed in Tellington TTouch of the Liberty, Leash (with its clips at either end and a sliding handle) allows for two-points of contact on the dog where one clip attached to the back of the harness and the other clip attaches either to the front ring or the collar. This allows the dog an element of freedom to find his or her own natural point of balance and teach the dog naturally not to pull on the lead. The Liberty Leash is a great alternative to using the standard 2 points of contact where the handler finds that walking the dog with two handles impractical.

The Liberty Leash is an ideal Tellington TTouch lead. This method is ideal for both a very busy dog who finds the regular two-points of contact too restrictive or for the owner who prefers not to have to walk the dog with two hands. The Liberty Leash is available in two width the larger width is for large dogs with big snaps, whilst the smaller width is ideal for small dogs as it come with small lightweight snaps. These leads are used and recommended by senior Tellington TTouch Instructor Robyn Hood and Instructors Kathy Cascade and Marie Miller.! This lead can also be used by people in wheel chairs.

Useful dog walking tip

When walking a dog on the lead, a harness can prove a beneficial way to stop a dog from pulling. Many dogs pull on a lead but a harness takes pressure off the dog’s neck as the connection of the dog’s harness is closer to the dog’s centre of gravity.

Certain dogs are more receptive to being walked with a two-point contact (the lead attached at one end to the collar and the other end to the harness). This method, developed by Tellington TTouch, is ideal for a dog that naturally pulls and eliminates any perceived need for equipment like choke chains or pinch collars. Xtra Dog actively condemns the use of these so-called punitive methods of dog management and training.

“TTouch leading techniques improve proprioception and balance and so can dramatically improve both posture and the behaviour of the dog. Teaching a dog to walk calmly on a leash using two-point contact - the handler having two distinct connections with the dog, usually with a double-ended leash - can have a miraculous and often instantaneous effect. There are many ways of using a two-point contact, so this leading technique can be easily tailored to suit the individual dog’s needs.”

From Sarah Fisher’s 2007 book Unlock your Dog’s Potential, published by David and Charles - to order your copy please visit